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Donations have totalled £7318.25 as of 2024

Over the last two years, 5% of each earwax removal booking is pledged and then donated to charity.


April 2022 - £1497 was donated to a local bee charity called Give bees a chance which specialises in bee conservation and rescue around the Burford and Carterton area. They were able to buy 4 new hives and queen bees. 

April 2023 - £2000 was donated to the same charity. Currently they are planting wildflower meadows to improve local bee habitats.

April 2024 ​- £3821.25 was donated to Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue

Pic. One of the four hives bought with donations.

IMG-20230716-WA0023 (1).jpg

Pics. Scappers the rescue kitten

Charitable cause: In November 2022 our Practitioner worked in Qatar during the world cup. She found a stray kitten days from death. We helped fund his veterinary care, medical bills and journey back to the UK. He now lives a comfortable life with his girlfriend (also a rescue) in a loving home.

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