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About Earwax Removal Oxfordshire

Earwax Removal Oxfordshire provide a microsuction service that is performed in the comfort of your own home by a HCPC registered professional, trained to ENT UK and British Society of Audiology standards. 

Mirosuction is a small suction device that's inserted into the ear canal.  It is one of the safest and most effective ways to remove excess wax. This is due to significantly reduced pressure on the ear drum; the chances of ear drum perforation and infections are reduced compared to older methods such as irrigation or syringing.

It is advisable to use olive oil 5-7 days prior to any appointments, as this makes the wax softer and eases removal. Olive oil is more gentle on the ear than some other brands of wax softening drops, many of which contain Sodium Bicarbonate or Hydrogen Peroxide.​


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